Tracks Of The Week, 03.03.17

Sneaks has shown in the past she’s not one for wasting time, and in her latest track ‘Hair Slick Back’ she certainly doesn’t break the trend. What’s notable about Sneaks’ tracks, however, is that she definitely doesn’t need masses of time. Pulsing and confrontational ‘Hair Slick Back’ manages – in its 1 minute 56 seconds – to be more exciting than most songs double its length.

Merging dominant basslines with Sneaks’ vocals, ‘Hair Slick Back’ has a strange sort of jagged fluidness to it that is nothing short of addictive. And while we undeniably want more from Sneaks, ‘Hair Slick Back’ is 2 minutes that shouldn’t be tampered with. We’ll just have to wait for the album.

‘Hair Slick Back’ is taken from the album It’s A Myth out 31 March.

With influences from Black Sabbath to Aphex Twin, Husky Loops were always bound to be eclectic; but you’d never expect it to be quite so cool, so fluid.

Sharing their new single ‘Tempo’, Husky Loops are redefining genres. Riff-heavy, snarling but with a healthy dose of art-rock thrown in ‘Tempo,’ in the band’s own words, is: “a song about running out of excuses and time, recorded live to capture the band’s live energy.” And capture the energy they do. Both raucous and groovy, Husky Loops are doing something different, and judging by ‘Tempo’, it’s gonna be special.

Husky Loops’s self-titled EP is out 7 April. 

An update of the original version – included on their debut album – Desert Mountain Tribe have shared their latest single, a revamped ‘Enos In Space (Top Of The World)’, mixed by award winning producer, Youth.

The Youth Mix embodies Desert Mountain Tribe’s energy – coming at the start of a hectic release and touring schedule, ‘Enos In Space (Top Of The World)’ captures the band’s business perfectly, but also their growing success. With a US tour on the horizon the band are reaching dizzying new heights – as is their sound and the revamped track is a worthy celebration.

The Youth Mix is part of a new EP Live At St Pancras Old Church.

Since forming in 2015, Cupids have spent time perfecting their sound: and ‘Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)’ is the mark of a band who’ve found that sound.

Holding onto their signature beat-influenced harmonies, ‘Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)’ brings these influences into 2017 – an ode to the 60s but a sounds that is uniquely Cupids’, and completely fresh. Despite a harsh dose of reality – “do you ever feel your life is going nowhere slow / boring and predictable?” – Cupids remind us that good things do come to those who wait, especially when it comes to their tunes.

‘Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)’ is out on 31 March. 

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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