LISTEN: Girlpool share title track from new album ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’

Los Angeles duo Girlpool, have shared the title track from their upcoming album, What Chaos Is Imaginary. “What Chaos Is Imaginary” showcases the band’s constant evolution, featuring strings, synths, drum machines and stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Check it out below….

Of the song, Tividad says “‘What Chaos is Imaginary’ is a song very close to my heartmind… closer than most. I wrote it at the most vulnerable point I have ever had thus far in my life. I was living very far from ‘home’ and not taking the best care of myself on any level… no matter what I did, I was getting into situations that were emotionally, spiritually and physically putting me at some type of risk. These situations culminated in me having horrific PTSD (I didn’t realize it was this until long after) during which I found it completely impossible to imagine living beyond the time I was in. The ‘present moment’ was impossible to even begin to participate in-there was very nearly a white noise over all interactions and I couldn’t focus in any social situations unless I somehow found a way to be in my wrong mind. This song is about reckoning with this-trying to find a path to forgiving myself, attempts to redevelop a relationship with the world where I could find some illusion of ‘safety’ and belief in the fact that I could ultimately take care of myself.”

What Chaos Is Imaginary is available for pre-order now and due out February 1st, 2019 via ANTI- Records.