Air Traffic Controller LIVE @ Dublin Castle, Camden 29.11.13

All the way from Boston, USA, Air Traffic Controller described their week in the UK as “exciting and refreshing” as it was the first time the band have performed in London. I was greatly anticipating their gig at The Dublin Castle and having witnessed the set I believe they can go on to massive things next yeat.

Their sound is country meets geeky-pop with an American twang and it is invigorating to discover something so pristine and exciting. When you see the band on stage, they look like solo artists united as one. Dave Munro (lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar) was a former air traffic controller for the US Army, hence the band’s name, and his vocals and stage presence is in a sense very smart and sophisticated but the underlying rock-monster definitely came out. Richie Munro (drums) and Steve Scott (keyboards, effects, electric guitar) are true performers too and unlike some bands, aren’t hidden in the background, they all got their time to shine which I think is illustrious and new and provides a sense of equality in the band to showcase their talents.

I’ve been taken by bands with both genders involved, but the beautiful Casey Sullivan (lead vocals, bass, mandolin) and Kiara Ana (viola) absolutely caught me by surprise. ‘You Know Me’, the duet with Dave and Casey was so exquisite with their vocals working perfectly. Kirara Ana’s viola playing was so intriguing, I didn’t didn’t know you could play an instrument so quickly! Myself, the band’s friends from the states and even my father were dancing to the music and screaming and cheering the band on as they really did deserve it, they put so much effort into their performance and they had come to a different country and did not know what to expect but they were so fresh and revitalising and did not disappoint at all.

You can tell that each member has a true passion for music and performing and I promise you they will become huge. Second Air Traffic Controller album ‘Nordo’, is released in February 2014.

Bella Hutton


If You Build It

Ready Or Not

You Know Me

Hurry Hurry

Pick Me Up

Test 1,2

Bad Axe, MI

The Work