ALBUM: Andrew Combs ‘All These Dreams’


All These Dreams is the second album from the delightful Andrew Combs. The first, Worried Man, was well received, and he has nothing to worry about with this follow up.

There are eleven songs on the album and the opening track, ‘Rainy Day Song’ sounds exactly as you think it will. It’s a sombre affair and a taste of the soulful, genuine vocals that Andrew is capable of. The song that follows, ‘Nothing To Lose’, calls to mind the likes of Glenn Campbell with lovely string arrangements and thought provoking lyrics. ‘Strange Bird’ is a beautiful affair while ‘Pearl’ is a heartbreaking, dark track.

‘Long Gone Lately’ has an almost wild west soundtrack to it at times, but is also quite pop sounding. ‘Foolin’ – the first single to be released from the album – takes a look at the modern phenomena that is social networking, with a combination of rock ‘n’ roll and country sounds. It’s fair to say that this album is quite eclectic.

The penultimate song, ‘Month Of Bad Habits’, is possibly the highlight of the album, attacking that age old subject of trying to get over lost love and seeking salvation during dark times. Like some of his own influences, Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, Andrew is leaving his mark on the Nashville music landscape and beyond.

The evidence is clear that Andrew has been bought up on a diet of the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, for this album is a compilation of stories with music, songs of substance.

All These Dreams is out now via Loose Music.

Mary Hand

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