ALBUM: DTail & Marley D ‘Message In A Bottle’

D.Tail, the co-founder of Clap4me, a creative collective rooted in East-London is a self-proclaimed poet and lyricist who was inspired by MF DOOM, Andre 3000 and Slum Village. D.Tail defines what it means to be a true wordsmith and from his content, you can soon understand the words he plays with comes from years of practising his craft and inspiration from those mentioned.

His quirky demeanour on a track forces you to listen to him, with his impersonations and over the head, countless syllable flow schemes. D.Tail has just released his second project a 12 minute Message In A Bottle with Marley D, that has a similar connotation to Madvillainy by Madvillan (MF DOOM & Madlib). D.Tail refers to his new project as “a response to that saying ‘when it rains it pours’. “

When asked to expand what this meant, he said “Some say it’s about spirituality activating your higher consciousness to avoid confusion and corruption between genders and species alike”.D.Tail is very much Intune with spirituality. His spiritual outlook is a lot more present on this album than his previous tape “Attention To D.Tail” that was less cohesive and more personalised.

“I wanted to give you a message with multiple meanings and common truth and it still be a vibe even if you’re not into conscious rap.” This was executed perfectly as conscious rap can sometimes come off as too preachy as if they’re forcing their ideas on to you of how they see the world but because D.Tail’s style is so flamboyant; it is the perfect contrast.

“4” which is the third track on the EP has such a peaceful, reminiscent vibe to it. I can imagine hearing it an open mic for the first time, with candle lit tables.  This is the first time I’ve heard D.Tail on such a mellow, laidback approach although he is still flowing effortlessly but with the blend of female vocalists Asabi Hawah and E.S.T, it gives it a whole new poetic vibe that reminds me of a track that would come from ‘Floetry’.

Message In A Bottle is then soulfully brought to a close with the sounds from Marley D who produced the entire EP, so we don’t only have to thank D.Tail for this piece but also the producer. The time where producers didn’t receive any recognition from a release has come to an end.

You can find EyeSun D.Tail’s tape on Spotify, Soundcloud, DatPiff, Youtube, Tidal, Apple Music, ITunes, Google Play, Amazon UK&Japan and finally BandCamp.


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Nicki Knightz