As massive Swedophile and indie-pop lovers it is rather shocking how this is the first time we have come across Easy and how on God’s Earth it’s taken us this long to discover them. After completing a 20th anniversary tour  of their debut album Magic Seed the band began writing new songs with producer Charlie Storm. These songs became A Heartbeat From Eternity and what a glorious discovery this record is .

Having exhausted Google it seems easier to find naked pictures of the Royal Family than finding any kind of intensive bio about the band other than they are an all male quintet that hail from Gothenberg, Sweden. In the 90’s they had minor hits and toured with the likes of The Charlatans and Jesus and Mary Chain and both have a major influence on their latest record. The eleven track album flies by in an instant and it’s like discovering a mix-tape from the mid-90’s, each track a homage all of the best acts of the decade. ‘Song to Remember’ sounds like a long-lost Charlatans track, ‘I Believe Whenever You Take Me’ could have easily been from Ride’s debut and stand-out single ‘Ask The Sky’ could easily be Republic era New Order.

One may say that Easy are lacking their own USP, but for those of you out there hunting for a nostalgia hit this will blow your mind. It’s an album bursting with melodies with a comforting familiarity like being reunited with a favourite pair of shoes. Let’s hope these shoes are made for dancing as this is record which is asking and we are saying a big ” yes please”.  If Kasabian released ‘I Can Tell You Why’ Radio X would have to create their own show just to have it on constant rotation.

Fran Jolley