ALBUM: Emma Frank – ‘Come Back’


Brooklyn based singer songwriter Emma Frank releases her latest album ‘Come Back’. A warming and somewhat delectate exploration into Frank’s own isolation and heartbreak.

The record firmly establishes its roots within the tender tones of avant-garde folk with leading track, ‘I Thought’. The track features a distinctive groove through the placement of constant kick of drums. However, the track lends itself to a more delicate and introverted sound through the introduction of both piano and guitar. Frank’s delicate vocals glide along, serving to extend the emotive nature of the lyrics. Following track, ‘Either Way’ loses the R&B tinged drum beat and opts to let the piano carry the track, creating a distinct and palpable sense of solitude. The albums lyrical themes of isolation and heartbreak are again demonstrated through this feeling of singularity.

This is not to state the record does not feature its more upbeat moments, most notably within track, ‘Sometimes’ which features a piano sound that is more upbeat and lyrical themes of childhood which are explored in a universally wistful way. Similarly, track ‘See You’ opts for a more jazz fuelled sound within its fluid drum beats and piano tones. It highlights a different side to the record as well as Frank’s ability to merge both sound and overall genre.

As the record reaches its conclusion, it reaches something of a stumbling block with titular track, ‘Come Back’. The combining build-up of both Frank’s vocals and piano cause the track to sound as is if it is building toward a euphoric climax that it never reaches. The record soon races towards its closer, ‘Before You Go Away’. Changing the sound of the record, the track selects to focus on guitar rather than the previously used piano, a sound which is refreshing within the records closing stages. As the track draws to a close it begins to incorporate a wide range of instruments in-order to create an expansive and intensely musical sound.

‘Come Back’ is an elegant record from start to finish. Opting to blend a wide range of genres in-order to create a sound that is as expansive as it is introverted, playing a perfect foil to the records lyrical tones of isolation. It is unwavering in its musicality, and carries itself with an understated musical beauty.