ALBUM: Fight Like Apes ‘Fight Like Apes’

With 2015 seeing the apparent dominance of female vocalists – but thankfully not the revival of 2006/2007 Lily Allen and Kate Nash-type vocalists – Fight Like Apes’ new album is the perfect addition to the bunch. Released on Monday, Fight Like Apes are preceding releases from the likes of Wolf Alice and Florence & the Machine, kicking off 2015’s inevitable female success.

There’s a charming wit and honesty to the self-titled album; seemingly the perfect soundtrack to the life of any twentysomething. Fight Like Apes aren’t afraid to admit to nights spent “chasing tail again” or the trials and tribulations of relationships at that age – ‘I Don’t Want To Have To Mate With You’, for example. It also has an admirable air of nonchalance; with MayKay’s frequent, sarcastic sounding “ha”s, it’s clear this album isn’t a matter of looking cool and keeping up appearances. It is, instead, a matter of making a damn good, truly relatable album.

Combining the endless fun of Marina and the Diamonds-esque, synth-heavy pop, with juxtaposing grungy vocals, FLA have truly perfected the balance with this album. It’s crawling with potential radio hits and whilst tracks like ‘Pretty Keen on Centrefolds’ (the first single) and ‘I Am Not A Merryman’ lead the way with their ruthless sound, most of the tracks are just as strong. It’s not uncommon for slower tracks to get a bit lost in an album, particularly an album as fierce as this, yet ‘The Hunk and the Funpalace’ and album closer ‘Carousel’ stand their ground, despite their somewhat calmer nature.

Although the band have continued to release EPs, it’s been a lengthy five years since their last album; a long time, sure, but undeniably worth it if that’s what it took to produce an album this strong.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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