ALBUM: Fink – ‘Resurgam’

“We tried to make a record we would listen to and go, ‘I wish we’d written that’, and every time I listen to it that’s exactly what I think. And I kind of have to pinch myself to remind myself that we did,” Fink (aka Fin Greenall) has said on his latest album Resurgam. Really, it’s impossible to imagine him thinking anything but – his sixth album nothing short of incredible.

Pairing heavy bass with Fink’s laidback, warm vocals there’s a sense of lethargy in Resurgam. Mirrored in the length of the title track – 8-minutes of introduction to the album – and a lengthy (compared to his previous albums) stint of two months taken to record the album, Fink certainly wasn’t rushing with this album. And it’s paid off.

What follows the title track are nine more tracks that, though laidback, see Fink so sure of himself; so assertive in his sound. From the heart-wrenching, stripped back ‘Word To The Wise’ (featuring Douglas Dare on piano), to the rich layering of ‘This Isn’t A Mistake,’ via the pulsing, electro-tinged ‘The Determined Cut’ Fink ties together all manner of influences with his vocals.

Rounding off Resurgam with a crescendo in ‘There’s Just Something About You’ – a poignant ballad – Fink presents an album that it would be impossible not to be proud of.

Fink heads out on tour this autumn
playing 60 dates across 19 European countries.
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Resurgam is out now

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