ALBUM: Flo Morrissey ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’


The moon-child of which everything sounds endlessly spiritual and beautiful, Flo Morrissey is the result of teenage experience and pure beautiful vocals – with the additional influence from 70’s folk singers and Lana Del Rey. Flo, an English 20-year old singer has her path laid for her as her voice and lyrics maintain a fresh dip into the music scene, and a fresh beautiful image to restore for all music fantasists out there. The stellar voice and songs sounds as a xenogamy of Lana Del Rey and Victoria Legrand (Beach House).

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful is the stunning debut album by Flo Morrissey. Flo didn’t have the natural introduction to the music business as she was soon recognised and signed by record label Glassnote two years ago after she uploaded a haunting YouTube of song, If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away tethered together with a video of her swimming underwater filmed by her younger sister Millie. Flo claims that, “I would pick spending the weekend in the countryside with my family” giving a fresh breath of adolescence to not only the music business – but to young girls and boys out there looking up to musicians.

Pages of Gold, Flo’s debut single reflects the voice of Lana Del Rey beautifully without the adult lyrics– but an outwardly look on life from Flo. Flo sings, “For these pages of gold that we have in store” giving us the sense that everything will be content in the end, Flo restores the beauty of life through her lyrics, but also gives us confidence that new music is being made which has a beautiful and filling meaning. Flo softly sings, “Don’t give in to the unheard, cry” which makes us feel like Flo creates an untainted creature which we all need to attain.

The stellar lullaby-like picking of the guitar reminds us of an also young and fresh newcomer Marika Hackman. Show me, is the nostalgic opening of the debut album and transfers the image of past adventures, “show me the river were we swam/show me the miles that we ran”, Flo Morrissey gives the impression of a young girl who has had an almost fairy-tale like life – mixed with strange encounters and fields of Gold. Flo gives us a haunting goose-bump feeling when she sings, there is something haunting about her voice, a young girl with an extensive experience with the universe already.

If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away, is an evocative song with an even more extraordinary video. This song is what made Flo, however she shows purity not only in the video but through the song – with the piano tinkling in the background and her goddess-like voice fore fronting there isn’t anything more beautiful. Flo crafts something which seems to become unattainable, and with a voice so delicate and precise Flo becomes so fragile.

The climatic Sleeplessly Dreaming is something that seems to have been crafted for a Disney movie or something that has jumped from the pages of the Grimm Brothers, with the existential voice that only seems to climb into a state of beauty. Flo sings effervescently, “so tonight I’ll be sleeplessly dreaming” which can only fill the listeners with something deeper within, although this is the most adult we see Flo on the album, Sleeplessly Dreaming reflects a nod to the 70’s folk and the modern voice of teenagers.

Flo seems to grant the rising and failings of her voice within the chorus of Wildflower as her own, the poetic lyrics and tinkling of the harp in the background can show nothing but an image of a travelling girl in the 70’s. Wildflower is the darkest from the album, “you picked me apart/forgive me now” but the darkness is seen through something beautiful – herself being the flower. Flo seems to preserve something so dark and morbid into something that it beautiful and innocent.

The titled track, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful is nothing which escapes the title. The eerie chiming of what sounds like a melancholic ice cream van or a child’s toy is toyed with the haunting voice of Flo. Flo seems very much in touch with nature – which seems to be a focus of the album, “things go round in circles/tomorrow will be beautiful”. You can see why Flo chose this track from the album due to the difference to what is seen currently anywhere else.

Flo Morrissey will be touring this year, her only UK headline show will be at The Courtyard Theatre on the 18th June and she will be at festivals in the summer including: Barn on the Farm, Somersault Festival and End Of The Road Festival.

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