ALBUM: Ice Cold Slush – ‘Messy Endings’

Recorded live at The Moth Club in Hackney, Ice Cold Slush‘s Messy Endings is an infectious dose of indie rock that will leave you thirsty for more of their scuzzy, fuzzy sounds. The album was released on cassette via Burger Records last week, and Eli, Dominique, and Tom are “firing on all cylinders” on both sides of their tape.

Opener ‘Chucky Boots’ boasts some filthy bass and guitar, as Eli & Dom sing about the “crazy side” they unleash when they bust out the “emerald, snakeskin trim” on their special boots. Their fem-bot, synchronised vocals allow the girls to share the duty of ‘front woman’ perfectly, whilst Tom smashes away in support on the drums. Second track ‘Peach Melon Cherry Lemon Wild Bar Bell Seven’ is a mouthful, but it’s equally as catchy as its predecessor, and you’ll be chanting it along with the relentless drums and snaking bass lines.

‘Sick From Sweets’ is a pop punk treat that will go “down in one”. The lyrics are brilliantly threatening, and the witty line “you put the ‘ass’ in embarrassment” will be swirling around your brain long after you’ve finished listening. The crowd’s cheers can be heard on the recording as the girls chant “you put the ‘lush’ in ICE COLD SLUSH!” ‘Dirt Worms’ breaks in the second side of the cassette, and it’s as filthy as it sounds. Moody bass and pounding drums dominate throughout, and it bleeds perfectly in to the brilliantly named ‘Banned From MSN’, which laments the absolutely life-destroying parental punishment all noughties kids faced: no access to the instant messaging service. Fortunately, Ice Cold Slush have stepped away from their screens and written a musical parody about it.

‘Boring Bonehead’ is a tune you can blast out of your car radio whilst shouting “I don’t have road rage, you’re just stupid!”, and ‘I Just Broke A Nail’ mocks the “unruly eyebrows” and other sights you see at a beauty salon. The sound of whistles alerts listener’s to the final song: ‘Brainfreeze’, which is another burst of relentless slushy rock.

The band will be headlining our Gigslutz Live night at The Finsbury on April 14th. It’s a free show, so make sure you head down to see what Ice Cold Slush are made of. You can purchase Messy Endings from Burger Records here. Follow Ice Cold Slush on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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