ALBUM: Jake Evans’Day One’


Jake Evans, formerly of alternative rock band Bad Lieutenant alongside Bernard Sumner, strikes out solo with bold and energetic experimental rock roll, with his new album Day One. Taking his talented penmanship as co-writer of Bad Lieutenant’s works, Evans flourishes his lyrical song-craft in a slice of his own personal and enigmatic creative charisma.

‘This Is Life’ sees energetic guitar chords, with a jovial rhythm, dance around Evans’ mellow and deep alluring vocal tones. Lyrics are hook-filled ‘And I look to the heavens and I hear a symphony…’ and receiving, live the songs words could be imagined to be sung back by adoring crowds.

Pondering into a level of the psychedelic, guitars on ‘Sun Goes Down’ spin in a kaleidoscope with a soundscape of swirling sounds. Bellowing bass sees the track drift and sway in a groovy rise and fall.

The album’s title-track ‘Day One’ begins in the sweet residence of soft building rock, as Evans sings of watching the sun go down. A romantic air builds into anthemic rock and roll vibrancy, upon the track’s uplifting chorus, which sings of beauty in a dazzling light.

Proving eclectic experimentation, ‘Telephone’ features an electronic beat, which molds around Evan’s rocking drive. Though unusual, the mix works, it’s unique stroke of the electronic bringing a touch of dance to rock and roll.

‘Last One Standing’ delves even further into electronic realms, spinning Evans into the captivatingly atmospheric with a rocky kick and a magnetic edge. Unafraid to venture in cross-genre, Evans pulls off an original enticement.

Ending the album with a spin into gospel ‘Easy On My Soul’ rings as Evans’ most touching. The track rises into a choral choir and elevating instrumentation. Evans bares his emotion with impassioned words, ‘I said easy on my soul and I said if there’s a light won’t you shine on me…’ Soulful backing-harmony and winds of electrifying guitar add a touch of funk. Evans proves to be a great craftsmen of emotive song.

Evans amiable contacts in music influence the record with a prestigious touch. Doves’ Jimi Goodwin’s (whom Evans plays guitar upon Goodwin’s live solo career) contributions feature on the record. Also, former Bad Lieutenant band mate and New Order front man Bernard Summer sings lead vocals on ‘This Is The Life’’s alternative take on the track, which is available on limited vinyl copies of the record. Although Evans takes ingenious use of others creative input on Day One, one thing is clear, this debut proves his own individual merit and talent as a stand-alone compelling artist.


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