ALBUM: Lovelace ‘Lands’

While constructive criticism is rarely discouraged, sometimes excessively gushy, overly positive reviews are necessary. Particularly when the review in question is of something as wholly wonderful as Lovelace’s Lands.

Lovelace herself (AKA Rebecca Whitbread) is someone to look up to in all respects: from her experiences (buying a ticket and boarding a plane to Burning Man festival completely on her own), to her current living situation (flitting between the two coolest cities – Berlin and London), to her music. Following the incredible reception of the first single ‘Grizzly’, she’s managed to create an entire album that follows suit.

Thematically, Lands is incredibly personal to Whitbread. Though it may not be glaringly obvious on the initial listen, the tracks cover everything from dealing with contrasting lives in the UK and America, to her childhood – even telling the tales of a friend who lost himself in the woods for a month in ‘Fathers & Sons’.

The emotions and stories that aided Lovelace’s debut, paired with the fact that these are somewhat concealed by the music, make the album more than relatable. And while for Whitbread these songs may match up to specific times or experiences, for anyone else they provide the perfect soundtrack to take a night into the early morning; for sitting round with old friends talking about the kind of things that, I’ve no doubt, fuelled Lands.

Backed by a 5-piece band (including herself) Lands sees Lovelace take her already beautiful voice to dizzying new heights. It’s a debut to shout about.

Lands, the debut album from Lovelace, is out 29 July.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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