ALBUM: Mac DeMarco ‘Another One’


Almost a year to the date of his last LP, Salad Days, we’re graced with yet another offering from Mac DeMarco. Another One also comes just a month after 9-track instrumental album Some Other Ones; despite Mac’s bum-chic appearance and laidback style, it’s quite clear he’s anything but. Amongst the already strenuous lifestyle of a touring musician, he somehow manages to churn out endless albums and whilst they’re frequent, they’re never too soon. Sure, it’s Another One, but it’s another, very welcome, one.

It’s clear Another One has purpose – Mac hasn’t just put an album out for the sake of it. Whilst the bum-chic vibe remains – along with Mac’s laidback jangle pop style – it’s arguably a little more refined, something which has been seen increasingly more in the loveable rogue. It seems he’s edging more towards being just downright loveable. There’s a sweetness to the mini-LP – at just 8-tracks long – a sort of hopeless romantic vibe mixing both cheery melodies with an almost melancholy undertone.

Kicking off in true Mac DeMarco style, ‘The Way You’d Love Her’ opens the album with playful chords. Mac’s lyricism – whilst simple – is heartbreaking. Although Mac’s always had a sweeter side behind his wilder antics, this album truly shows another depth – like an insight into the heart and mind of Mac DeMarco.

With tracks like ‘Another One’ – which tells of the inkling of a love having feelings for someone else – and ‘Without Me’, Mac sums up the bittersweet, almost nostalgic feelings of love: “That’s fine by me / As long as I know she’s happy… Without me” he sings – tongue in cheek or not, we all know the feeling. Even tracks like ‘Just To Put Me Down’, whilst significantly cheerier in their tone, have an underlying bitterness – sad but always welcome.

After all the stress of love and whatnot, Mac DeMarco ends the album in a rather unexpected way (although the unexpected should no doubt be expected of Mac by now). Following instrumental track ‘Down By The Water’, Mac gives away his home address, offering coffee for anyone who turns up. As it so happens, he was reportedly telling the truth – if potential coffee with Mac DeMarco isn’t enough to convince you to get your hands on this album, I can only hope the promise of eight fantastic new tracks is.

Another One is out now via Captured Tracks. 

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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