ALBUM: Pissed Jeans – ‘Why Love Now’

There’s no denying, Pissed Jeans are an acquired taste. Why Love Now is half an hour of self-doubt: Why, just why, do I like this half hour of noise about fetish webcams and office supplies so much? But I do, and that’s just it. In their own noisy, gnarly and punk-as-f*ck way, Pissed Jeans make the mundanities – and less spoken about peculiarities – of everyday life so much more enjoyable.

From the album’s lead single ‘The Bar Is Low’ – which vocalist Matt Korvette says is “about how every guy seems to be revealing themselves as a shithead” – to ‘Have You Ever Been Furniture’ (a witty ode to those who feel “professionally underappreciated”) Why Love Now takes Pissed Jeans to a whole new level.

Produced by Lydia Lunch and metal legend Arthur Rizk, Why Love Now is massive – overbearing perhaps but made to be played at full volume; to be enjoyed as a “fuck you” to your boss and to the woes of working. While tracks like ‘Activia’ offer a deeper, grimier approach, Pissed Jeans never once lose their snarl on Why Love Now. And while such a snarl is certainly enhanced by Korvette’s growls, it’s just as present in the instrumentalism: drawn out and brooding, but most importantly, loud.

Why Love Now is seemingly what Slaves were shooting for with Take Control, but done right. Completely right. Pissed Jeans created a dream team with Lunch and Rizk and in Why Love Now create a piece of punk magic.

Why Love Now is out 24 February, available for pre-order now.

Melissa Svensen

Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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