ALBUM REVIEW: Asadinho ‘Dendrology’

“Asadinho is the Kendo Nagasaki of deep house”

– Bill Brewster

Not a bad quote to prick up the ears, and instantly I can see what ole Bill is referring to. For those who are unaware of the cult masked persona that is Kendo Nagasaki, there is a somewhat mystical air surrounding the name. And from a simple Google search, it’s easy to understand how Asadinho is following in his illustrious footsteps.

However, while the creation of an online image is one thing, the creation of great music is completely unrelated. So let us delve in, and see whether “Drendrology” gets the deep house juices flowing…

Firstly, this album is actually a compilation of Asadinho’s best work over the past 5 years. A combination of remixes and original productions are responsible for this 84 minutes album mix. As a result, you would be forgiven for concluding that such a foundation might be the recipe for a disjointed and thoughtless ‘best of’ mix. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Secondly, it should be noted that the album can be purchased on a biodegradable real wooden USB stick! And if you pre-order it, you get some free suff. That is pretty fucking cool.

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Kicking off proceedings is the gentle and spacious vox remix of Wallflower’s ‘Say You Won’t Ever’, a mood setter and a true display of effortless confidence that litters the album. A rocking chair, a whimsical moog-esque synth and a soft, yet hard hitting kick give the vocal the room it deserves. An ambient opener that hints of where the journey might end up.

Moving seamlessly into “Rouge” (originally featured on his Trangression EP) there is a clear sonic harmony between the first two tracks, yet the movement from angelic vocals to spoken word, by none other than Robert Owens (Fingers Inc.) is a welcome disparity. He uses this technique a few times throughout the album and gets it right every single time. He even separates Rouge from “Transgression”, a track it sits next to on the original EP, as a reminder of the longevity and flexibility that his productions possess.

Under the new moniker of Asadinho, he has relentlessly made waves through his remix work, so it’s no surprise that they dominate the track listing. The most well known of which is a remake of Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”, and we are forced to wait nearly 78 minutes to reach this proverbial holy grail. Sticking two fingers up to the quick fix listener. Good things come to those who wait.

However, despite sitting in the Beatport deep house chart for four months, the Lana rework isn’t necessarily my favourite track on the album. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan and I absolute love the expanding bass vibes (a beast of a sound!), but it’s not a one hit album to say the least. From the sine dropping bass in “Out Of Control”, to the funky-ass rhythms in “Burning”, Drendrology gets feet moving, and does so effortlessly. In fact, there’s no real lull, or track “fillers” that you might expect around the mid way section, it really is solid throughout. You might also notice the vocal talents of Natamiq across three of the tracks, a partnership I hope we will see more of in the future.

According to his website, he’s been on the circuit for nearly 20 years, playing across the globe and releasing hundreds of tracks under several guises. The underlying statement? He is no beginner. A bold statement no doubt, but one I can’t argue with, based on the strength of Drendrology. There is something intangible and inexplicably obvious about experience that sets some people aside, and Asadinho just has it. It’s no wonder he is getting plaudits from the likes of Skream, Tensnake, Seth Troxler and Bill Brewster, to name a few. This is a great album.


01. Wallflower: “Say You Won’t Ever” – Asadinho Vox Remix (Defected)
02. Asadinho: “Rouge” ft. Robert Owens (RvS)
03. Alex Neivel & Pat Heart: “Meet People” – Asadinho Remix ft. Natamiq (Just Like That)
04. Asadinho: “Burnin’ Talk”ft. Natamiq – Burnt Toast Mix (RvS)
05. Ben Gomori: “Love Gamble” – Asadinho Remix (RvS)
06. Onur Ozman: “Flight Fear” – Asadinho Remix (Ready Mix)
07. Galaxy Group ft Capitol A: “Out of Control” – Asadinho Remix (Loveslap!)
08. Bescheerer & Szenasi: “When It Looks Like” – Asadinho Remix (Dutchie)
09. Peter O: “Hold On To It” – Asadinho Remix (Deepology)
10. Volt Modz: “Get Rockt” – Asadinho Remix (Revolutionary)
11. Asadinho: “Transgression” ft. Natamiq (RvS)
12. Harlem Knights: “If Only” – Asadinho Remix (Vizual)
13. Mateo & Matos: “Want U Tonight” – Asadinho Remix (People That Make the Music)
14. Doc Martin ft. Lillia: “Just Us” – Asadinho Main Remix (Sublevel)
15. Lana del Rey: “Summertime Sadness”- Asadinho Dub (RvS / Polydor)

Written by Andy Chandler (Hijacker Records), for GigSlutz.

Andy Chandler

Andy Chandler

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