Album Review: Grant Nicholas – ‘Yorktown Heights’


As a fan of Feeder, I was intrigued to hear that, after a career spanning 20 years, front-man Grant Nicholas is releasing his debut solo album Yorktown Heights.

Lead track ‘Soul Mates’ is a beauty, and this cool breezy number hints that this album will be a somewhat different and more laid back sound to the one I have become accustomed to hearing alongside Grant’s vocal in the past. Indeed, the sketched album artwork suggests an acoustic and stripped back sound, and this complements his vocal perfectly. Of course, with such a distinctive vocal and sound, it is always going to be difficult to create solo material that is not going to be compared to Feeder: ‘Robots’ is instantly recognisable, whilst ‘Hope’ and ‘Time Stood Still’ also do an excellent job in satisfying those fans seeking the ‘Come Back Around’ punch the air feeling!

With song titles such as ‘Vampires’, ‘Joan Of Arc’ and ‘Time Stood Still’ – and their accompanying lyrics – it is difficult to identify a common theme throughout the album, and this ensures that it continues to surprise and sounds fresh throughout. ‘Robots’, ‘Hitori’ and ‘Time Stood Still’, along with the opening track ‘Soul Mates’, are my stand-out tracks and – after a couple of listens to the album -I found myself getting into these well-crafted tunes. Despite the title, ‘Broken Resolutions’ is another high point; a track that would sound great round any beach fire on a summer’s night.

Granted (no pun intended) I have always enjoyed Nicholas’ vocal and guitar driven tunes and Yorktown Heights continues to appeal in the same vein. In a nutshell, fans of Feeder and Grant Nicholas will not be disappointed. Copies of the album can be pre-ordered through Pledge Music now. Grant has also announced a number of intimate gigs in support of the album, providing fans a great chance to hear this new material up close and personal.


Bazza Mills


Bazza Mills
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