ALBUM REVIEW: Ian Skelly ‘Lotus And The Butterfly’

Evoking images of adventures in a Californian desert landscape this album immediately struck me as the perfect backdrop to scenes from ‘Sons Of Anarchy’. It’s the kind of sound I would sink into whilst driving the surrounding areas between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage.

The opening track ‘You Who Brought Me’ sets the tone from the offset, allowing my imagination to run wild with pictures from the past. I was immediately drawn in by the groove, the musicianship vibe that sucks you in deeper & settles you in.  I want to experience the entire journey as an album.

Flowing seamlessly into ‘Silver Rail’ my admiration for the mix immediately kicks-in. I love the way the vocals sit & the guitar sounds.

‘Sweet Love’ – is a track I would play again and again on repeat, melodic, psychedelic, but with enough pop to keep hooking you in. You feel like you want to fall deeper into your bed. You don’t want it to end.

But before you can press ‘repeat’, the opening vocal melody & acoustic guitar to ‘Butterfly’ comes in & your into the next… This isn’t an album where you can replay a song as it would disrupt the flow of the album and you definitely don’t want that.

Your in before you know it, lost in a different dimension of sounds when the instrumental vibes of ‘Lotus & the Butterly’ kick-in.  In love with the organ before being hypnotised by the atmosphere swirling around the guitar as this enters the album title track.

‘Sugar Re’ on first listen is my favourite track, soon travelling in to ‘Healer’, ‘Tulip Morning’, ‘Roving Jewel’, quickly and effortlessly as if you have been in a trance not knowing where you’ve been or where you are for a moment. But everything sounds so good. You know you’ll be visiting again.

‘Rolling Queen’ then gently wakes your consciousness, taking you on a walk of reflection. And before you know it, it’s over. Which to me is album perfection.

This album is a piece of work, an adventure, a journey and an absolute joy to listen to. Give it the time & love it deserves. You won’t regret it.


Blitz Vega @KAVblaggers