ALBUM REVIEW: James Walsh – ‘Turning Point’

Fans of Starsailor and James Walsh will not be disappointed with his debut solo album ‘Turning Point’, released by Solo Records and available to buy now.

Walsh wastes no time reminding us what we have been missing with his unmistakable voice in full flow by the time the title track hits the chorus in the album opener. ‘Turning Point’  has a very catchy chorus – I am instantly hooked and find myself humming and singing along despite it being only my first play of the album.  ‘Better Part of Me’, ‘Empire’ and ‘That Man’ follow and four tracks into the album I think to myself “this album could be getting some serious air-play in my car and house over the coming months”.

The album also features a couple of duets (provided you manage to get copy with the Bonus Track – ‘Better Part of Me’ featuring Carice van Houten) and ‘Firing Line’, featuring Suzanne Vega of ‘Luka’ fame, sounds delicately beautiful with her voice complementing Mr Walsh perfectly in this track.

‘We Could Try’ and ‘If I Had The Words’ remind me somewhat of earlier Starsailor material and both sound great. Granted I have always enjoyed James Walsh’s voice and the material Starsailor released but these are some fantastic songs in their own right. ‘Fading Grace’ hits the mark again and whilst Walsh has been compared to Chris Martin in the past, in this song I am thinking more Bono and loving it!

With the Spring air breezing through my car window and the hints of optimism and images of positivity conjuring in my mind as I listen to the album, I definitely think I need to get along to the forthcoming tour and hear these songs being delivered live. See you there!

Bazza Mills

Bazza Mills
G'day my name is Bazza Mills! Whilst my wife watches reality TV shows, I enjoy listening to music, going to gigs and taking some photos. Growing up between Scotland and Australia exposed me to a variety of music and my tastes range from The Stone Roses to Guns N Roses. Typically, I love most things guitar based and have a love for live music and photography!