ALBUM REVIEW: Jo Rose ‘Spurs’


The Americana feel of Jo Rose’s British songwriting is the key to his unique appeal. Although born and raised in Manchester, his true country roots can be heard in the intonation of his vocals. Rose’s debut album Spurs is the beautiful folk album you’ve been waiting to blow you away this year; his radiant voice on top of excellent yet subtle lyrics is just a winning combination.

‘Balcony Doors’ is the first track we hear on his debut. The gentle strum of an acoustic guitar, soon to be joined with the mellow tone of Rose’s honest voice: “Well I cried out I was lost there was a lot to confess”.  The relaxed tempo makes this song such a calming and enjoyable experience. The whole album is enjoyable and calming in this sense but the songs are so diverse that every track is a new, interesting experience of its own. ‘I’m Yr Kamera’ is another steady yet beautifully melodic track, reminiscent of Johnny Flynn’s ‘Brown Trout Blues’, with a seamless combination of male and female vocals to create such sweet and soothing sounds.

Spurs channels the authenticity of classic Simon and Garfunkel with the modern tones of artists like Joshua Radin and First Aid Kit. Rose is currently supporting First Aid Kit on tour; the Swedish sisters clearly have a keen ear for talent. The best thing about this debut is how fully formed it sounds; every aspect is perfectly recorded and mixed. Additional usage of organ, synth, nylon strung guitar and occasional brass flawlessly intertwines with Rose’s acoustic sounds. Jo Rose is the next big folk success of Manchester and hopefully soon – the world.

Spurs is out now.

Elli Brazzill


Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

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