Album Review: Kill It Kid – ‘You Owe Nothing’

Kill It Kid are back, and better than ever, with a brand new, meteoric album, following their previous releases – Kill It Kid and Feet Fall Heavy. In Spring 2013 the band headed to Los Angeles to start working on their third studio album, which was released earlier this month: You Owe Nothing is a guitar-driven album, full of heavy drums and grungey tones. This album is undeniably, heavily influenced by legendary grunge group, Nirvana and – at times – delivers punk-inspired offerings.


Their lead single from the album, ‘I’ll Be The First’, opens with an enticing clap that descends into lead singer, Chris Turpins, huskily chant throughout the song. The harmonies in this song are both calm and restrained, contrasting perfectly with the furious lead vocals, depicting the band’s versatility very well.



There is more to this album though; whilst the grungey, bluesy Bath four-piece offer a number of raw and raucous tracks, including ‘Don’t It Feel Good’ and ‘Sick Case Of Loving You’, others – such as ‘Cheap Revival’ – deliver a fresh take on rock with a beat you can’t resist dancing to. Then there are the softer, more mellow, songs from the album: ‘Tried Used Loved Abused’ and ‘Caroline’.


This sing-along, hard rock album flows with utter perfection, and has tunes for every mood –  whether you want to rock out, or chill out, there’s something for you.  The lyrics scream heartbreak and struggle, in an unexpected way, coming from its genre. Each track – whatever its mood –  is refreshingly honest and totally real.


Kill It Kid just keep getting better, and I  highly recommend giving You Owe Nothing a listen. You certainly won’t be disappointed listening to this excellent album.


You Owe Nothing is out now, via Sire/Warner Records.


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