ALBUM: The Kooks ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’

It has been 4 years since The Kooks released their last album ‘Listen’, which did not quite connect with fans in the same way as their preceding releases. Although thanks to streaming services such as Spotify, the band are inspiring a whole new generation of fans.  Welcome to the world of Let’s Go Sunshine.

The Kooks are now bringing their sound to the cavernous expanse of arenas and it has never been more important for the band to release an album that can sit proudly alongside their discography. The album’s opener ‘Kids’ is just one track which the Kooks could easily weave into their set. There is a glistening, rudimentary energy flowing through ‘Kids’ like a raging river; showcasing the overwhelmingly, unpredictable nature of human emotion and the empowering nature of defiance.

‘Kids’ offers the first hint of lyricism that is reminiscent of their debut, albeit complemented with heavier production and underlined by a darker, mature sentiment. The following track ‘All the Time’ couples heartbreak with an undeniable wistful sense of desire. Reminiscent of their track ‘I Want You’ from their debut, it captivates with a chorus that feels purposefully made for sweeping festival fields.

‘Four Leaf Clover’ is an infectiously-delightful guitar-laden track which (despite dark lyricism) compels with a riotous rhythm due to frontman, Luke Pritchard’s assured vocal delivery. Contrasting with ‘Four Leaf Clover’, however, is ‘Chicken Bone’ – an alluring, boisterous track which unfortunately does not attempt to encapsulate any profound message. The singles released from Let’s Go Sunshine slot into one another like a jigsaw puzzle, resulting in an album which is The Kook’s most musically and lyrically diverse to date.

In support of Let’s Go Sunshine, The Kooks will descend on Belfast, London, Oban, Middlesbrough and Bexhill-on-Sea this September to play intimate gigs. At these concerts, fans might get the chance to hear some of the highlights from Let’s Go Sunshine that might not get an outing in the nation’s arenas. One such highlight is ‘Believe’ which mesmerizes with a moody guitar-laden opening before evolving in a track led by darkened, ominous melodies.

With Let’s Go Sunshine, The Kooks have managed to capture the intensity and vigour of their triumphant debut album while still showcasing a different reenergized side to themselves. While some their preceding album releases arguably hinged of the brilliance of a couple of standout singles, with ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’ The Kooks have managed to craft a timeless collection of tracks where every single song has an exceptionally unique identity.

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