ALBUM REVIEW: Mr Mikey, ‘Simply The Best’

Mr Mikey releases his new album ‘Simply The Best’, emerging from previous incarnation as Mr Solo and emerging from Mikey Georgeson’s art-pop impresario presence as David Devant and His Spirit Wife – you can hear the art-rock swagger as he shares this carnival of sound, breaking through obstacles to experience life’s elixir. With a focus on life’s simple pleasures his album title is influenced by an ice-cream vendor on the beach of his hometown in Brighton, ‘Simply The Best.’

He explains, “Being born by the sea I find that a combination of sea breezes, sand, wind-blown tall grasses and ice-creams opens onto the lure of the possible.”

‘Simply The Best’ is a collection of scribblings from an early morning automatic writing obsession. His musings on pleasure, pain, yin and yang, the dark and light, thoughts and feelings written and exorcised to overcome life’s limitations.

Opening with P.A.I.N Mr Mikey considers the darkness and light of life, as the pain eases he imagines the pleasure being amplified and considers if pain is an intricate part of the enjoyment and joy of existence. As much of this album, the track has a comic book style and atmosphere – an acceptance and celebration of the differences.

The carnival style theme continues with Change of Scene’ conjuring a clown like swagger. Mr Mikey and his associate The Professor take a pilgrimage in search of an ancient ruin, representing parallel dimensions and stepping outside the boundaries into new thinking.

He says, “All my creative output is directed towards shaping ritual experiences that allow expanded awareness to emerge. Sometimes its ecstatic but it’s also just about feeling the simple wonder in the everyday. This is what trying to find a Change of Scene means to me.” 

‘It’s All Scattered’ takes the groove up a bit, textured, atmospheric guitars and a bowie-esque glam rock sensibility in this abstract fear of rain piece. ‘My Life Goes On’ takes on a more travelling sound with percussion and effects, he muses on perceptions of achievement, as the narrative and landscape of life continues.

You and Me’ demonstrates Mr Mikey’s rich vocal tempo and character vocals, in a rapturous feel of otherworldly desire and abandon in this piano led ballad he contemplates the life of two Russian Dolls, echoing Bowie’s Heroes or Stuck Like Glue by Velvet Underground. Two people living together, inside one another, almost merging as part of each other – a love song to a union – living as a Russian Doll.

S.M.I.L.E takes on a certain balladry style of Frank Sinatra, in a track dedicated to an inner smile and tool for life, as vocals blend into one another. Mr Mikey’s prescription track to the difficulties in life.

Muisc 2 My Earz opens with German programmatic singing, in the experimental Kraftwerk v’s electronic pioneer Fred Judd. A comical electronic sampler and appreciation to the simple pleasures. While Gilded Cage, considers life’s pathways to freedom. Those moments that lift you out of the constructions of normality into moments of freedom. Mikey examines life outside the painting in ‘Fugue for a girl with the pearl earing’ referencing the famous painting by Vermeer.

In ‘Simply The Best’ you get the feeling Mr Mikey is playing with different possibilities – while it could be a dedication to his musical heroes. As a whole the sound is a harmonious merging of textures, melodies and inspired memories to take us into alternative futures – with an over-riding theme of coastal and verdant melancholy – while the ice-cream motif screams loudly at the centre – it’s the simple pleasures that keep us afloat.  Check out the full album here:

Have a listen to ‘Change of Scene’ here: