ALBUM REVIEW: nick nicely ‘Space Of A Second’

Psychedelic specialist nick nicely breaks his long silence with a futuristic and heavily layered album.

nick nicely is a cult figure amongst psychedelia enthusiasts due to his 1982 single ‘Hilly Fields (1892)’, which was described as “the best psychedelic record made since the ‘60s” by a certain NME upon its release. However, nicely faded into obscurity in the music business soon after ‘Hilly Fields’, bar the 2004 compilation album Psychotropia, but he’s back with his album ‘Space Of A Second”.

This may not be one for the people out there that like their music easy to listen to and more immediate; the songs contain catchy melodies here and there but they’re buried underneath the foggy sound that is prominent. But with this album he creates an eerily futuristic sound through intricate synths that swirl throughout songs, guitars drenched in reverb and swerving vocal patterns. 2012 single ‘Wrottersley Road’ contains a wall-of-sound created by droning vocals and heavily distorted guitars, but then the wall-of-sound ceases to exist and makes way for dreamy interludes throughout the song. The most recent single from nicely, ‘HeadwindAheadwind’ is a three and a half minute haze of bubbling synth riffs, and there’s also an acoustic version of ‘Hilly Fields’ that will be sure to please long-time, and possibly new, fans of nicely.

Space Of A Second is released on 6th October via Lo Recordings

Junior Cobbinah