Album Review: You Me At Six ‘Cavalier Youth’

“Thanks for being a part of this, get home safe, We’ll see you with a new record in 2014” A promise from Josh Franceschi at their last UK tour date, in late 2012. Since Josh uttered those words You Me At Six fans around the world have waited patiently.

The Weybridge lads currently have three albums under their belt, each different to the last, making it difficult to predict what would come next. Since the first album ‘Take off your colours’ their music has slowly become heavier, bringing them from the pop punk genre and onto the rock scene, I anticipated that the new album would be heavier than the last although I was pleasantly surprised to find that ‘Cavalier Youth’ incorporates aspects of all three albums. As well as inviting brand new sounds that I’ve never heard from You Me At Six before.

The album kick-starts with ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’ with killer drums and a catchy beat it’s a great start to the album and a typical You Me At Six song. The rest of the record truly is a mixture of the bands best assets. From ‘Love me like you used to’ and ‘Win Some Lose Some’ resembling music from Sinners Never Sleep to ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Wild ones’ surprising me with their summery vibes. However, in my opinion none of these compare to ‘Forgive and Forget’. I know that this’ll go down a treat as the vocals are angelic and the tune has been stuck in my head since I heard it. Chart material? I think so. Another song that grabbed my attention was ‘Be who you are’. As the shortest song on the album at just under two minutes long, it is truly magnificent and left me wanting more. The whole album is full of relatable lyrics that fans will love and will soon undoubtedly fill the timelines of Twitter and Facebook.

Cavalier Youth has really proved how far these guys have come since the days of ‘Gossip’ (which I’ve heard is a favourite of Josh’s). They aren’t teenagers anymore and it’s clear that as the band has grown, so has their music. I know that old fans are going to love this album and it’ll attract just as many new ones. After waiting what felt like a lifetime for this album, I’m really chuffed about how Cavalier Youth has turned out. It’ll be on repeat for a while that’s for sure. So whether you’re a fan or not give this a listen and you’ll fall in love with them and most importantly it’ll bring you good vibes. After headlining Wembley Arena in 2012 and touring with the likes of 30 seconds To Mars, I have to wonder; where can they go from here? But I’m sure they’ll prove me wrong.

Zoe Cameron