ALBUM: The Sherlocks – ‘Live For The Moment’

Let me start with a warning: once you’ve listened to this record, you won’t be able to stop. Sheffield’s The Sherlocks have that effect on you. They’ve been taking the underground indie scene by storm these past few years, getting bigger and bigger with every Spotify play. With performances at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, SXSW and Beni, sold out UK tours, and support slots with Kings Of Leon under their belt, you’re left wondering – what can this band do next? And then they give you this album…

Featuring old songs and new, this album has bangers from start to finish; coming into your ears at the beginning with ‘Will You Be There?’, you feel every single note that is played on the guitar, and when the chorus hits, you can’t help but singing along, no matter where you might be! Then comes ‘Escapade’ and title track ‘Live For The Moment’ – the band’s first two singles that put them on the map after after their debut three years ago, re-booted and sounding massive!

The included unheard songs still hit hard, maybe even harder than the others. ‘Nobody Knows’ showcases the band’s sensitive side – a beautifully sung ballad about a girl that’s “dressed in diamonds and pearls”, it’s a lot slower than their fast-paced tunes, and really shows how this band could mature in the future. ‘Turn The Clock’ takes the same shape, and you can really imagine the atmosphere when these songs get played live.

These boys could have just released a collection of singles, but they didn’t, they put hard work into a belter of an album that has a lot of scope into the band’s knowledge of writing songs. It has good pace, and they’ve re-recorded most of their older singles, making them sound even better – even if you didn’t think that was possible! If you haven’t heard The Sherlocks yet, then I strongly suggest you listen to this album – the perfect soundtrack to your summer.

Live For The Moment, the debut album from The Sherlocks, is out 18 August.

Jimmy Ingham