ALBUM: Stoneghost ‘New Age Of Old Ways’


If you’ve ever had to use the bus, tube or whatever type of public transport there is available, then you’ve certainly seen one of these people in black t-shirts carrying the logo of – insert band’s name here – and with headphones so tightly plugged in their ears that they’re not letting the slightest of sounds escape through; but you can make a very safe guess of the type of music being blasted by observing said person head banging like they’re in the middle of a rock concert rather than a morning commute. Now if you spot said sight after 13th April, then the person will be very likely to be hammering their eardrums with Stoneghost’s New Age Of Old Ways.

Stoneghost are the new reincarnation of a South London quartet previously known as Snakebite, who rocked the socks of metalheads at festivals from UK’s Bloodstock to Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival. A few years later, after some struggles but determined to pull through, they re-emerged with a new name and a new polished sound. Although the upcoming New Age Of Old Ways LP is their debut, the band have already made a name for themselves with bloodthirsty singles ‘Faceless Ghost’ and ‘Devil’s Motion’, both of which got significant airplay.

So what can you expect from Stoneghost’s upcoming record? Expect red-hot, high-speed groove metal with lyrics full of frustration and anger, and Slayer-styled fast riffs and high-pitched screams. To top that off, the band has exhibited some real music knowledge on this record, so expect some skilful instrumentals and a high-quality production. Most of all though, if you’re into fast and furious metalbanger monster tracks, then expect some bloody good times.

New Age Of Old Ways is released on 13th April via Mascot Label Group.

Mariana Nikolova