ALBUM: Tokyo Taboo – ‘6th Street Psychosis’

I think we can pretty much unanimously agree that the last year and a bit has been shit. Really, truly, rubbish. A number of the world’s favourite people have passed away, while one of the least favourite is now POTUS.

Luckily (provided the world doesn’t go completely insane and destroy all forms of entertainment) we’ll always have music. And in times of complete despair, it’s bands like Tokyo Taboo that will save us; albums like 6th Street Psychosis – in all its in-your-face, politically-charged brilliance – that will make us feel just a little bit better about everything.

Tokyo Taboo don’t let you ignore them. Between vocalist Dolly Daggerz’s Bowie/Karen O influenced yells and guitarist Mike’s no-holds-barred riffage, there’s no escaping the sheer noise of Tokyo Taboo – and why would you want to?

From the aggression of ‘Make It Out Alive’ – inspired by the vote to bomb Syria, and Daggerz’s anger and frustration – and ‘N.A.R.C.I.S.M’, to the uptempo ‘Emotional Suicide’ and ‘Pussy Power’, Dolly and Mike seem to delve into the muddled minds of everyone alive right now, putting frustrations that many of us can’t even put into words into high-energy punk anthems.

Though 6th Street Psychosis is, in part, a social commentary – it explores both politics and seemingly personal problems (‘Self Sabotage’) -, it’s important not to forget the music. After all, were Tokyo Taboo not so moreishly raucous, would anyone be listening? While there’s certainly a brutality to 6th Street Psychosis, in its dark undertones and noisy aggression, it’s ultimately incredibly listenable. There’s something endlessly fun about the way Tokyo Taboo pair together their rock and pop-punk influences; something that, while allowing for rather disheartening themes and undertones, also allows for the result to be brilliantly upbeat.

In short, if you’re feeling a little dismal, lock yourself in a room, put 6th Street Psychosis on as loud as you can, and the world will feel a bit more right.

6th Street Psychosis, the forthcoming album from Tokyo Taboo, is out 24 March via TT Records. And catch them live at their album launch party at The Crowndale next Friday.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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