ALBUM: Wallis Bird – ‘Woman’


Irish born singer-songwriter Wallis Bird returns with her latest release, ‘Woman’. A record fuelled by political frustration and anger set to the unlikeliest of soul-filled folk.

The record wastes no time in plunging the listener into its politically driven world as highlighted by, ‘As The River Flows’. Showcasing its frustration at the current political climate, the track selects to focus on the Syrian refugee crisis. It does this to the unlikely backdrop of folk infused choruses and elegant, slightly psychedelic keyboards. The intended juxtaposition between the lyrical and melodic nature fills the listener with a conflicting sense of warmth and discomfort.

 ‘Life Is Long’ Bird breaks away from more politically charged themes, opting instead to recall more tender family moments. The track showcases the genre-bending capabilities of Bird, with her taking clear influence from more modern genres such as dance and pop. The bittersweet fondness with which she recalls these moments is perhaps best exemplified within the chorus of, “Life is strong but the time is short”. With these lines in-particular tackling the subject matter with a level of self-awareness.

Following on from this is track, ‘Woman Oh Woman’, with it opting for a slower sound than previously established throughout the course of the record. A combination of bass and drums provide a distinct sense of calm whilst the distinct orchestral tones lovingly accompany the track. Here the record sees a return to its politically fuelled themes, with it acting as something of an LGBTQ anthem as well as a tender declaration of love.

Closing the album is, ‘Repeal’, a track that acts as the political crescendo of the record. Here  track Bird opts to voice support at the result of the Irish abortion referendum. The track builds its melody in a slow and deliberate fashion whilst never losing its political volume. It also sees contribution from various activists, which transforms the track from a song to elegant and expertly put voice of society. It serves to close the album on a deeply poignant note.

 Wallis Bird’s, ‘Woman’ is an unwavering political statement. Taking aim at all that frustrates the artist, it voices this in a coherent manner. The combination of politically charged lyrics and genres such as folk and soul serves to highlight this statement of intent expertly.