ALBUM: White Boy ‘Glitoris’

Glitoris is the debut album by Manchester group White Boy, composed of Joe Jones – Vocal/Guitar/Bass, Tom Scott – Drums, Josh Hunt – Keys/Trumpet, and Lowell Killen – Guitar

The album opens with ‘Mama’, a slow, lyrically focussed track which begins with “mama please put out that cigarette”. In a seemingly letter like lay out, the song documents how “mama won’t let me breath”, all over the top of heavy drums and guitars. The track sets the tone for the rest of the record; dramatic and soulful, with jazz undertones, a saxophone coming into full effect towards the end of the track. ‘Bleach’ continues this soul theme, however is much more upbeat with more significant drums and a more hurried and heavy vocal. Still maintaining the Jazz genre, bursts of trumpets can be heard throughout. “Reach for bleach” is repeated in the chorus, a mantra which is echoed by a quieter “fall in love”

‘Kiss and Run’ has this same jazz ideal to it, starting off with prolific drums and trumpets. “Teenage dreams that haunt them through the night”, the track contains a theme of being scared, eerie “oo oo’s” being echoed in the background of the verses. Similarly to Bleach, the same phrase is repeated in the chorus “Kiss and run, you’ll never catch me” Into the Bad is slower, melodically opening with a psychedelic sound effect and a guitar, before quieter vocals come in “Why do you want me so bad?”. The track carries on in the same vein throughout, maintaining the rhythmically slow pace, and giving the album a psychedelic twist.

‘Ripped Knickers’ again seems to take the record in a new direction, opening with a brief rap “Ripped knickers and platform shoes”, before bursting into blues and a perhaps a more R&B tone, with White Boy raising the pitch of his vocals. However the chorus unleashes heavier guitars and drums, with a stronger and rockier vocal. Whistling sounds then brings the tone down again; the track perpetually changing in form. Shame, like Into the Bad, again offers a more slow and melodic side to White Boy, with lead singer Joe Jones showcasing his incredible vocal.

‘Star Child’ concludes the album, an acoustic orientated track, with “I’m a star child” being repeated in the chorus, giving a positive and all-encompassing end to the record. The album as a whole offers a myriad of genres, ranging from blues, jazz, soul and rock, something for everyone.

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