Alex James To Release More Blur Memorabilia

Alex James, former bassist of Blur and cheese connoisseur, has invited yet more ridicule as he releases a themed soft drink.

The canned drink, called, wait for it, ‘Britpop’ (we see what you did there Alex…) is the next in a line of Blur themed paraphernalia to be released by the band.

According to reports, Alex has been trying to copyright the brand name ‘Britpop’ since last year, meaning if his application is successful the term would belong to him if referring to ‘beverages enriched with added minerals’, ‘low alcohol beer’ and ‘alcopops’.

The shameless revelation comes only weeks after Blur announced they were to release a Blur themed tea-set… Where will it end?

What cleverly named product would you try to flog? Maybe mod themed fruit preserves aka The Jam? Malt-J? Sprite Said Fred? You get the picture… Please help us to think of some better ones than this and tag them as #BandBrands on Twitter!