MARCELØ DEISS raises an important message in new video “Horses Running”

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, MARCELØ DEISS is delivering a profound message in his latest release. “Horses Running” emanates the very best of MARCELØ’s love for blues, alongside gritty indie rock and soulful vocals. 

In the new video we see London based dancer Jenn Vogtle acting as a beautiful distraction amongst the societal and political turmoil. Capturing the viewers attention in a sensual, yet gentle way, Vogtle deviates one’s attention from our everyday distractions. 

Co-directed and edited by MARCELØ and Sergio Angot, with additional editing by Habacuque Lima, the video displays a montage of footage, portraying a strong message which demands immediate attention. MARCELØ shares, “I think it’s important to discuss topics about our society and the current problems we face together in the modern world. This to me seems more relevant due to the current situation our society is facing right now.” 

Inspired by blues and rock artists from the 60’s and 70’s, the Brazilian musician, who spends much of his time in London, has crafted a distinct sound, using his life experiences in two completely different cultures to brew a unique and potent concoction, unlike anything else.