Arctic Monkeys LIVE @ Earls Court

Ten years ago who’d have thought that those spotty Sheffield teenagers singing about ‘dreams of naughtiness’ would become such superstars?

On the fourth date of their complete sell out much awaited headline UK tour, they play the second night at Earl’s Court.

The radiant glow of ‘AM’ builds suspension amongst the sea of illuminating mobile-phone holders ready to capture the action like a cheetah on the prowl.

Strolling on stage, Arctic Monkeys bring goose-bumps to my skin.The atmosphere is incredible. Thousands of strangers brought together by their love of the same band. This band means something to everyone there – isn’t it amazing what music can do?

The crowd goes wild as they commence their set with the new favourite; the heavy, sexy, mysterious ‘Do I Wanna Know’ subsequently forming pits throughout the crowd.

They follow this with ‘Brianstorm’ accompanied with the energetic audience singing along to the familiar tune. Below me, the packed dance floor jumps up and down simultaneously – the sense of unity is overpowering.

‘Dancing Shoes’ causes a stir in the audience, as they clamber over each other, trying to be at the barrier for the signature ‘sexy little swine’ line – however, the stampede all becomes too much as ‘Don’t Sit Down..’ had to be stopped and restarted when Alex jokes ‘When I said come with me…I meant it figuratively’ before urging the crowd to step back.

Or, as @ArcticMonkeysUS puts it – ‘You need life insurance to see Arctic Monkeys in the UK these days’

Continuing to play tracks such as ‘Teddy Picker’ ‘Crying Lightning’ and ‘Old Yellow Bricks’, Arctic Monkeys keep the (literally) beer soaked audience dancing and singing along whilst the riff of ‘Why’d You Only call Me When You’re High?’ hits like a bullet.

‘Pretty Visitors’ gets the audience all waving their arms in sequence – almost heavenly. Following this, Arctic Monkeys generate a sense of nostalgia with ‘I Bet You Look good On the Dancefloor’ – a real energy boost; even the mums and tag-a-longs knew the lyrics to this anthem!

‘Florescent Adolescent’ had ‘Oh the boy’s a slag’ being hurled to the band at the top of several thousand star-struck fan’s voices, followed by a roar of in sync clapping echoing around the tremendous venue.

Ending the set with ‘I Wanna be yours’ was a truly magical moment for me. Whilst tons of confetti floated down from the ceiling, glimmering on its way, multiple silhouettes were seen stretching their arms out – worshiping the music. It demonstrated the purpose and importance of music in our lives.

It was an extremely strong, angelic image, was I in heaven?

Although, I did feel sorry for the cleaner.

Delighted fans welcome their stage return as the encore demonstrates the outstanding variety that Arctic Monkeys hold. They follow the catchy hip-hop ‘Snap Out Of It’ with a beautiful, breathtaking semi-acoustic version of the classic ‘Mardy Bum’

Alex Turner concludes the night by beckoning the audience with “Come here, I’ve got something to ask you…” before thundering into “I’M A PUPPET ON A STRING” – the heavy, memorable tune, ‘R U Mine?’

With five number one albums to their name, it must be a demanding task to please the array of ages in the audience with one set list.  However, the lack of downbeat, melodic tracks from ‘Suck It and See’ – such as ‘Piledriver Waltz’ and ‘Love Is A Lazerquest’ disappointed me.

Nevertheless, Arctic Monkeys put on a stunning, spectacular show that I will remember for the rest of my life; it left me speechless.

Truly heavenly.

Emily Burrows