ARTIST FESTIVAL DIARY: SONS review their day at Reading Festival 2017

Hot off the heels of their new single ‘Zealot,’  SONS are having a well-deserved moment. Having played on the notoriously brilliant Jack Rocks This Feeling stage at Reading Festival, post-punkers SONS have treated us to a guest review of their time at the festival, as well as a photo diary of the day…

What a day! Firstly, it was hot! Not just hot but hot hot! We sweated walking from the parking to the tent, we moaned about it, but we are British: no matter the weather we will moan. Seriously though, it was a dream come true playing Reading. Nick and myself have always been full Nirvana fan boys and dreamt of one day playing a stage there, so to be asked was totally mind blowing!

The Jack Rocks tent was awesome, the sound as we arrived was mega so we knew it was gonna be amazing! Back stage we got to hang out with some of the This Feeling bands we were already friends with such as Paves and got to meet some of the other bands we knew of but hadn’t met yet like Himalayas, Sheafs, Jackobins and Skin who were all as awesome live as they were in person! The whole backstage area of the Jack Rocks stage felt like a proper communal place which is amazing to see in music these days.

Before playing we got to be interviewed by the awesome SoundLab in the main backstage area which was made all the better by getting to meet and have a chat with John Bradley! Aka Samwell Tarly!!!!! I wanted to ask him so many GOT questions!!! Haha

All in all the day was everything we had hoped it would be, we played a banging set on a banging stage surrounded by banging people at a festival we’ve been dreaming of playing since we were kids! Life is good!

Click the link below to see SONS’ photo diary:

The Reading Diary

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Words: Lee Meldrum

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