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#Bigin2018 Track Of The Day: Breed ‘Gimme More’

Who: Breed Sounds like: All manner of debauchery not for the faint-hearted For fans of: Oasis, The Vines, Strange Bones Next gig: Feb 24 Paris Le Truskel w/ Proletariat Listen to: Gimme More Find them at: [spotify track=”spotify:track:3KnqvMN1nqlIbl4WbVjOH0″]

#Bigin2018 Track of the Day: Carousel ‘You Told Me’

Who: Carousel Sounds like: A loving tribute to the halcyon era of Britpop For fans of: Shambolics, Shed Seven, Neon Waltz Next gig: ‘Big in 2018’ Feb 9 Glasgow Broadcast w/ Heavy Rapids, Rituals, The Vanities + The Capollos Listen to: You Told Me…