A Badge Of Friendship to host new music show on Fubar Radio

As if they weren’t already doing enough for the new music scene by pushing the newest and most exciting talent to the masses, PR company A Badge Of Friendship are to start a brand new music show on Fubar Radio next Monday.

With a roster including artists from everyone’s favourite Scots, Idlewild, to newer acts such as Piney Gir and Siv Jakobsen, A Badge Of Friendship was founded in 2009 by music lovers Claire Lim and Paul McCallum, with Ed Williams joining the team a year later.

The debut new music show will run every Monday, from 7-9pm, and will feature an array of special guests, industry experts, live sessions and – of course – plenty of new music! Presented by Claire, Paul and Ed, it promises to be a blast…. We caught up with Paul and Claire to find out more:

Firstly, how did the whole opportunity arise?
Paul: There was a Comic Relief 24 hour special on FUBAR Radio hosted by the Geekatorium and we were drafted in to do an hour or so of ABoF stuff on there. Well, it seems they liked the cut of our jib and, to cut a long story short, we did enough to convince them that we were worthy of our own show.

What will those who tune in to the show be able to expect?
P: The idea is to promote genuine new music. Not necessarily from bands who are already known to listens of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 or XFM, but those who are creating brilliant music but don’t have an outlet to promote it to a larger audience. It will also be full of nonsense chat, some comedy and great guests. We just want to have a laugh really.
Claire: Hopefully, listeners will enjoy the chat and the music mainly! We do hope it’ll be a place to find out about new music, bands they’d never heard of before and find out more about our guests.

As the show’s main focus is arguably new music, what current bands out there are catching your eye?
C: Aside from the bands on our roster, I really love Hawk Eyes. Their latest album Die Trying has been in my car, accompanied me on many a run and on the office stereo for months now. It’s a bloomin’ alt-rock masterpiece!
P: There are loads of Scottish bands who are really doing some great stuff at the moment: Womps (formerly Algernon Doll), United Fruit, Best Girl Athlete, Urvanovic, Vasa, Felix Champion, So Many Animal Calls… The list goes on and on!

Will you solely be featuring artists on the ABoF roster on the show?
P: Certainly not. It would be wrong of us to do so. There will be one per show, but the idea is to give a wide array of artists a place to showcase the fruits of their labour.
C: We will be highlighting one ABoF artist per episode but this is not a show about ABoF artists, it’s about all good new music from new releases and new bands we love. Our show will reflect all of our tastes.

There’s also talk of many guests that will feature on the show, what type of guests can people expect to hear alongside you guys?
C: We already have Armando Iannucci, comedian Dave Hill, alt-metal band Torche, Idlewild and Vennart confirmed. We have music guests (bands, labels and industry experts) coming on the show as well as non-music guests who are big music fans joining us.
P: We aim to be as varied as possible. Music plays a big part in many aspects of the creative industries – film, comedy, art – and it would be great to have a wide variety of special guests who can talk about their love of music and how it plays a part in the work that they do.


It’s been said that the ultimate aim of the show is to ‘put the fun back into music’, how do you intend to do that?
C: We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love what we do. The chat in the office borders on the ridiculous and surreal. I’m not sure we’ll be able to bring all our weird chat to the show but what we want to get across is that we’re passionate about music and have a lot of fun at ABoF HQ. We wouldn’t be doing anything else – we feel pretty lucky that music is our job!
P: As mentioned above, we just want to have a laugh. It really is that simple. Sometimes, being ‘cool’ is more important than the music itself or people sharing, caring and having fun. We just don’t want to be too serious about the whole thing, take the piss out of ourselves and play some good music.

Who are your favourite radio presenters?
P: Vic Galloway is a good guy and has a great taste in music. He also really pushes some excellent up and coming bands and gives them a platform to grow. Adam and Joe, Radcliffe and Maconie and I don’t mind a bit of Dermot O’Leary who was very lovely when we recently met him.
C: Tom Robinson and John Kennedy are two presenters I really respect because they’re up for taking chances and they’re accessible to bands of all sizes. They may be inundated with new music but they give it all a chance and when we’ve had to contact them, if they can give us feedback and respond they will. I always appreciate that – a friendly response goes a long way. They really are champions of good new music.

What gave you the idea to start a radio show in the first place?
C: We really want to share the music we love. We used to do this by running shows in London and do it every day now with ABoF doing PR for bands big and small, but having a show seems like another brilliant way to promote lots of different bands. We can also play with the show a little with the different guests we have and fun features that we’ve got lined-up.
P: Get out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves, make a difference for up and coming bands and have some fun.

What would you say has been the greatest moment for A Badge Of Friendship as a whole?
P: There are loads of great moments: quitting our jobs and committing to this full time was the greatest I think. It was fraught with uncertainty, as we were doing it literally off our own back, no business loan, overdraft or savings. It was do or die. Having been able to build it from nothing to the success it is now is a great story I think. Being able to DJ at the Empire Awards, Q Awards, Kerrang! Awards and generally do some cool things is just a bonus. The main thing was to thrive and to push small, unsigned bands to the bigger magazines and websites.
C: That’s a very tough question. There are definite moments that feel like ‘our greatest’ but I always feel there’s more to come. Personally, I try to keep moving forward, onwards and upwards and keep positive and am always excited about what the future may bring. I don’t believe in settling once things seem good, there’s always more to do for our bands, more to achieve. I know I sound like a cheesy bastard but I really do feel lucky as hell to be doing this. We may be sleep deprived, but at least we’re happy!

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us and all the best with the show! 


A Badge Of Friendship’s New Music Show starts next Monday, 13 April, 7-9pm on Fubar Radio. Listen here.

Check out the full A Badge Of Friendship roster here.


Photo Credit: Oly Barnsley

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