Beach House to surprise-release new record next week

Off the back of the fabulous, Depression Cherry, electronic duo, Beach House, have announced a new record.

Coming only two months after their latest release, Thank Your Lucky Stars, will be available via Sub Pop/Bella Union, on October 16th.

Tweeting about the 9-track record, Beach House have stated: “it’s an album being released the way we want. It’s not a companion to depression cherry or a surprise or b-sides.”  We’d however, heavily contest the idea that the record isn’t a “surprise” release…

Via Facebook, the band released this statement, regarding Thank Your Lucky Stars:

“It was recorded at the same time as Depression Cherry, but for us, it’s very much a different record. All of its songs were written after the DC songs. Along the way we realized that we didn’t want it to be released in the traditional manner. Mainly, we just wanted our listeners to hear it first. We will have more info later……”

Thank Your Lucky Starts tracklist:

‘She’s So Lovely’
‘All Your Yeahs’
‘One Thing’
‘Common Girl’
‘The Traveller’
‘Elegy To The Void’
‘Rough Song’
‘Somewhere Tonight’

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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