Berries take a deep dive into truth and perception in their new track ‘Lies’

Berries share their shining magical new video Lies from their EP of the same name, out November 8 on Rose Coloured Records/AWAL. Lies is their second EP release following the release of Those Funny Things in 2016.

Berries deliver riff driven garage tracks, that are fresh and alive. The three piece, Holly Carter (vocals, guitar), Lauren Cooper (bass), Lucie Hartmann (drums) have been playing shows across London over the last couple of years, supporting bands from Bleached, Ex-Hex and The Franklys to  Liverpool Sound City, as well as The Alternative Escape back in June this year.

They are becoming known for throwing together a fountain of ideas, into short and sharp, yet tightly sprung tracks. Their sound has developed over time via improvisation and riff heavy garage rock, with jagged guitars, melodic and frenetic all at once, with a hint of grunge thrown in for good measure.

They take us among the skyscrapers of lies that surround us in everyday life, from the innocent slant in a news article, to the blatant non-truths that shape and make our perception of the world. They question the moral compass of all this. At what point is a white lie okay? When should a truth be spoken clearly and directly? What is narrative anyway? Often tricky to find the real truth. You get the feeling this track was inspired by their previous release, ‘Silent’, which is all about the importance of finding your voice. How can we can change anything, we have to try and start somewhere. 

So the narrative, where does it begin to waiver, where is it more accurate. As what point does it change, or when did you forget an important detail that might change the narrative completely. Or at what point do metaphors actually steer you closer to the reality or truth of a situation. Loads to think about here, as their beautiful sparkling skyscrapers of doubt come crushing down in the video. Lies is the lead track from the Lies EP, which also features previous single, Silent, Dangerous all about the daily grid of everyday living, Wits tackling ideas around paranoia and the wider effect this can have on everything. 

We get the impression they want to make a stand and if you can’t make a difference well keep on trying. The introduction of doubt seems to be the final score, where the whole world comes toppling down. Idealistic, committed, however their take is where does the white lie end and the absolute skewing of information begin.

Listen here, for a blast of sonic inspiration:

Catch them live – Wed, November 6 @ Colours, London (formerly Hoxton Bar & Kitchen) 

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