Best Music from Casino Movies

Casinos are among the most popular leisure activities for players all around the globe. They choose to spend some time online or at brick and mortar venues to have some excitement and entertain themselves. Casinos, on the other hand, are famous for featuring exceptional music attracting more players to join. Whether you choose games online or in a real play casino, you can enjoy the melodies of popular songs. If you are interested to find more about the best music from casino movies, you should definitely read this review.

Casino 1995

One of the most interesting movies with gambling-related theme is Casino 1995. It became a classic shortly after the release thanks to the amazing work of the director Martin Scorsese as well as the main roles of the popular trio – Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone. In addition to it, we can mention an interesting script, incredible costumes, and all other details.

What’s more important for this legendary movie is the soundtrack. Here you will hear the electric music in the first plan with songs from popular performers such as Muddy Waters, Roxy Music, and Dean Martin. The music perfectly matches the whole story and everything is in the harmony. That’s why players choose to watch the movie, sign at the online casino with 50 free spins for adding bank card and get motivated for gambling action. The slots are most rewarding for players who want to earn some free spins. There are a number of video slots with incredible themes and graphics which is more than attractive.

Ocean’s Eleven – 2001

The next movie with spectacular music and gambling theme is Ocean’s Eleven – 2001. Here you will not only enjoy the music but also the perfect trio – Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts in the main roles. Since its release, the film became one of the blockbusters in the market, with an increasing number of interested customers. In addition to it, everyone who spends time watching Ocean’s Eleven movie will also follow an amazing soundtrack from popular names in the music industry such as Perry Como, David Holmes, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The whole atmosphere of the piece reminds of the Vegas environment which is more than astonishing. We can also mention the inclusion of Clair de la Luna, making the movie more interesting to regular players.

Casino Royal 2006

Another movie with excellent gambling scenes and a pleasant soundtrack is Casino Royal 2006. The movie puts forward the action-packed experience, allowing customers to enjoy beautiful sounds with modern elements. Its music is unique with some of the best tracks such as ‘African Rundown’ and ‘The Name’s Bond…James Bond’. Moreover, the whole ambient is cinematic which is another particularity of the release. The music of the film is produced by David Arnold, but many players consider Daniel Craig as the main star of the release. Perhaps the soundtrack and songs from the legendary authors caused such popularity and success of the movie.


Speaking about additional examples of casino inspired movies, we can also mention Rounders. The creators of the story are Matt Damon and Edward Norton who are traveling from one place to another to collect enough money and pay all debts. Some players would say that the movie represents one of the best poker movies ever. Another important element of the film is the music of Christopher Young and the gentle theme. It attracts more players to watch the release and search for casino opportunities.


Another movie that has made a huge impact on the gambling market is a Western comedy, Maverick. Here you will see Mel Gibson playing poker in a high-stake round. It stands out with an excellent soundtrack and charm. While watching the release, you will hear the melodies of Renegades, Rebels, and Rogues, A Good Run of Bad Luck, and Something Already Gone. Many players watched the movie before signing to the casinos which is another interesting information.

The Hustler

One more legendary release from 1961 follows the story of  Fast Eddie who is looking for the game against Minnesota Fats. Regarding the roles, you will see Paul Newman in the role of Fast Eddie. In addition to it, we can speak about music and popular tracks of Kenyon Hopkins, which is more than enjoyable.

The Cincinnati Kid

Going forward with gambling inspired movies and their soundtrack, we can mention The Cincinnati Kid. Here you will see the story of Eric The Kid Stoner, a poker player who is looking to become the best in his undertakings. The main actor in the film is reserved Steven McQueen and the culmination of the film begins with the high-stakes of poker. As for the music, it is composed by incredible Lalo Schifrin and we can also see Ray Charles singing The Cincinnati Kid. It is really recommended to hear the melody and watch the movie.

The Gambler

This is another film that puts forward the story of Mark Walhberg, a literature professor who enjoys gambling. He places wagers with high stakes to collect money for only seven days and pay all debts. Once again, we can speak about the amazing music of the movie, with Pulp, Billy Bragg and Dinah Washington being in the center of attention. The film is recommended for different sorts of customers.

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