The Beta Band Reissue ‘Hot Shots II’

Today sees the release of the deluxe edition of The Beta Band’s self titled debut album, the latest in their recently announced comprehensive re-issue campaign.

The deluxe re-issue, released on triple vinyl and double CD, comes packaged with the previously unavailable Happiness & Colour / The Hut, a pair of extended ‘abstract’ tracks which were originally planned to accompany the album but withdrawn before release.

Next in the re-issue series is the release of their second album, Hot Shots II, on Friday 16th November 2018 on Because Music.

First released in July 2001 on Regal, Hot Shots II is available on double vinyl and CD. Additionally, purchases of the album through independent record stores will come with reproductions of the third edition of The Flower Press, the short-lived fan club fanzine designed and put together by the band which was very much in keeping with their aesthetic.

Less obviously organic and more electronic than their previous work, the album saw them enlist the skills of producer C-Swing (aka Colin Emmanuel) to achieve a bright, modern R&B-influenced sound.

“We didn’t want this thing of [being seen as] this fuddy duddy band that were really into Beck and Pink Floyd and sat around smoking joints all day,” says Mason. “That really wasn’t us at all. We were really into brand new modern black music. That’s what we wanted to push and blend with what was in us. Hot Shots II I think is a great record.”

Having also re-released a deluxe edition of The Three EPs in September of this year, their final album, Heroes To Zeros, is re-released on December 14th.