#Bigin2019 This Feeling Track of the Day : The Rotanas ‘Bohemian Sunshine’

Forming mid 2017 in Cardiff The Rotanas shared house soon became the go to after hours hang out and venue for early gigs. Zones honed, tunes formed, plans forged, the 4-piece quickly made their mark on the city’s new bands circuit with a flurry of gloriously chaotic shows. New single  ‘Bohemian Sunshine’ is the third and final single from their self titled debut EP captures perfectly the spirit and euphoria of the live shows. The video for ‘Bohemian Sunshine’ is premiering below.

For fans of: Supergrass, Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Vaccines, The Coral

The Rotanas are one of This Feeling’s #Bigin2019 picks along with Zuzu, Alligator, Voodoos, Shredd, Saint Agnes, Lacuna Bloome, Sway, Youth Killed It, The Estevans, Red Rum Club, Getrz, The Skinner Brothers, Para Alta, Latenight Honeymoon and more click HERE for full ‘Big in 2019’ show line ups and tickets and feature on Flying Vinyl’s ‘Big in 2019’ double LP. £23, 30 top new bands feature, buy here > www.blood-records.co.uk/current-release

Video & photo: Aiyush Pachnanda