Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach to produce new Lana Del Rey album

Lana Del Rey has only gone and bagged herself a Grammy-winning producer to help her with her latest album: Dan Auerbach.

At around six yesterday evening, the ‘Born to Die’ singer shocked fans when she posted a picture of herself on Auerbach’s lap on Instagram with the caption: ‘Me and Dan Auerbach are excited to present to you ‘Ultraviolence’’.

It’s all but confirmed in writing that Dan Auerbach is lending a creative hand on this new album. Lana is known for her surprises. In just October, she was complaining of writers’ block and taunting her fans with the idea of quitting, but she managed to clear this up by announcing her new LP ‘Ultraviolence’ in December when promoting her short film ‘Tropico’.

Right now not much more is known about the LP, but, it seems right to expect a lot more exciting news about ‘Ultraviolence’ from Lana Del Rey in the coming months.

‘Ultraviolence’, Lana Del Rey’s third album should hit the shelves in May.

Corrine Corrodus/@alt_ernate/