Blitz Vega share new single ‘Love City’

Blitz Vega’s previous singles have amalgamated all manner of indie and alternative sounds from both sides of the Atlantic, their classic sonic touchpoints further infused by an undercurrent of forward-thinking electronica. Now the band – formed by the legendary Smiths bassist Andy Rourke and former Happy Mondays guitarist Kav Sandhu – share their latest single ‘Love City’. It provides a final taste of their long-awaited debut album ‘Northern Gentleman’, which will be released in September. The single is released almost a year to the day since Andy Rourke passed away.

Propelled by rattling beats, pulsating buzzsaw bass and the elegantly wasted rush of classic ‘70s NYC punk, ‘Love City’ surges towards a frenetic finale and shows that Andy Rourke kept on expanding his horizons and delivering essential new music until the very end. Kav Sandu’s assertive vocals lead the charge, his lyrics exalting the excitement and opportunities that come with being a musician in the heart of Los Angeles.

Kav says, “It was one of those special nights, the excitement of going out, letting your hair down & forgetting your troubles. Enjoying the variety of life that L.A. had to offer. This song is about experiencing your own individual journey but ultimately ending up in the same place / viewpoint as the people you meet along the way. You can look at it simply as the magic of a great night out where everything falls into place or a life journey which shapes the way you think. But hopefully it makes you smile a little, it’s a happy song”.

‘Love City’ joins the previous singles ‘Disconnected’, ‘Strong Forever’, ‘LA Vampire’ and ‘Lost & Found’ in previewing the ‘Northern Gentleman’ album. Titled in honour of Andy, the 10-track record documents the duo’s time together: a record informed by their creative connection, their brotherhood and the spirit of pushing on in the face of overwhelming challenges (Andy’s illness & lockdown).

Yet, if you spin the record without knowing its context or back story, you’ll discover a record which at varying turns inspires with an escapist exuberance, hits hard with swaggering rock ‘n’ roll hooks, and offers unexpectedly unorthodox touches – especially the swooning strings of ‘High Gravity’ and the scratching and big beat percussion of its closing track ‘Pass The Gun’.

The album is also testament to Kav’s dedication to pay tribute to his late friend, who passed away in May 2023. It can’t have been easy for him to return to the studio to complete the record, but that’s what he did – in the process adding another fine record for the world to remember Andy Rourke with.

The other promise that Kav made to Andy was to take BLITZ VEGA on the road. That started with a recent show at London’s Scala, with more live activity in the works – expect more news on that front to be revealed soon. Joining Kav in the BLITZ VEGA live band is Asa Brown (keyboards / backing vocals), Rex Roulette (guitar), Greg Gent (guitar / backing vocals), Craig Eriksson (drums) and George Yelding (bass).