Blue Stragglers Release Exhilarating Debut, ‘All Mine’

All Mine is a scuzzy grunge rock offering melding spiralling guitar action and climaxing on a whirlwind roller-coaster of sound. Blue Stragglers release this exhilarating debut via Lost In The Manor records, Friday June 26.

All Mine is the lead track from their self-titled EP, recorded during a ferocious winter storm at Lightship Studios – docked on the River Thames one icy night in winter 2020. Where against a backdrop of stratospheric weather, winds and crashing waves they created five uncompromising alt-rock gems – with this atmospheric scenery incorporated into the sound.

The Blue Stragglers have been blasting live venues across the South East of the UK, from London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and back to their home town of Horsham. The Blue Stragglers were borne from and honed their craft at their own home-grown studio hollowed out in a South Downs chalk pit – creating a den of creativity and community hangout for Sussex artists.

Photo credit: Elliot White