Boomtown 2019 final tickets remaining

The final few tickets are remaining for Boomtown 2019, set to be the most immersive experience yet with (arguably) the best line-up yet! Grab them whilst you can at

This years offerings consists of over 1000 artists spread across 38 stages at this years fair. See the full line-up below


The story continues this year as ‘A Radical City’ whereby the mighty Bang Hai Corporation was toppled in the end by its own Machine that could not be stopped! The long lost forgotten son of the City returned to expose the truth behind all the wrongs that had been done, many in his own name…. Nicholas Boom! BHI were exposed to have been behind not only the dictatorships of the past but also the Revolution itself! The Masked mandroid just another link in the multifaceted chain that had held the city to ransom for so many years.

Old man Boom returned to a city changed beyond recognition from his own time and now belonging to a new generation, a new world far removed from all he had ever known. With the CEO and his henchmen scurrying into the shadows and the people free once again to decide their own destiny his work here was done, and as mysteriously as he came, so he disappeared once more into the mists of time.

For the citizens of Boomtown, society carried on much as it ever had, infrastructure and economy continued to function… all seemed as usual, even a little smoother than usual if anything! But all now under the ever watchful eye of AMI; Advanced Machine Intelligence. The entity at the heart or perhaps more fittingly the brain centre of the great Machine set in motion by the BHI Corporation who claimed it could never be stopped!

Let’s see how it unfolds….


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