British Sea Power announce details of new album

British Sea Power have announced they’ll be releasing their first new material in four years in March.

Titled Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, the album will be released on March 31. It will feature 12 tracks, and was recorded in Sussex, London and on the Isle of Skye. Check out the full tracklisting below, as well as the first track off the album, ‘Bad Bohemian’.

The album follows on from their five studio releases for Rough Trade Records, which saw them become the longest continually-signed band in the label’s history. The new record is being licensed from their own Golden Chariot label to Caroline International. It was also fully funded by the band’s audience, with pledges ranging from pre-orders to even a £1,500 tattoo that granted entry to every future BSP show.

Speaking about the album, guitarist Martin Noble said: “Musically, it’s our most direct album and maybe the first one where we maintain a coherent mood from start to finish. There wasn’t a plan to create an album with any particular subject matter but we’ve kind of ended up with a case of ’think global, act local’ – an album where individuals are dealing with their domestic and personal lives against a background of uncontrollable international lunacy.

Bad Bohemian
International Space Station
What You’re Doing
The Voice Of Ivy Lee
Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde)
Electrical Kittens
Saint Jerome
Praise For Whatever
Want To Be Free
Don’t Let The Sun Get In The Way
Alone Piano