Broken Witt Rebels LIVE at Birmingham Institute

On Saturday night the Temple bar in Birmingham’s Institute played host to Broken Witt Rebels’ EP launch party. The intimate room was jam-packed with both loyal members of the “rebel army” and newly acquired fans.

The Brummie blues-rock band treated the crowd to a banging repertoire including energetic performances of fan-favourite ‘Call Out The Sun’ and ‘Only I’ which went down a storm.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Danny Core has all the front of a legendary showman. His voice is brimming with gutsy blues and soul delivered with an abundance of B-Town swag. Lead guitarist,James Tranter, is exceptional. He is the Keith Richards of the band and that’s not just because of the spray-on jeans. If you like riff-led tunes with thunderous drums and a raw yet distinguishable voice, you just might like “the rebels”.

Set list:
Gimme your soul
Cloud my day
Darkest hour
Witchcraft women
Call out the sun
In the morning
Bottom of the hill
I got mine
Shake me down

All worn out
Only I



Interesting fact on how they got the name Broken Witt Rebels:
They cut up newspaper headlines and put them all on the floor and after a few attempts of trying to find a name they picked out the 3 words Broken Witt Rebels and they’ve never looked back.

Maz Healy.

Mari Lane

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