Cast & The Farm to play Alan McGee backed musicians against homelessness show

Musicians Against Homelessness has been launched by music legend Alan McGee with the aim raise cash for homeless charity Crisis. As well as raising funds for the Crisis the venture will also provide gig opportunities for up-and-coming bands.

Liverpool indie bands Cast and The Farm will kick-start the campaign with a gig in Leeds this September. Scores of up-and-coming bands are also set to take part in similar live rock events all over the UK.

Cast singer John Power agreed to take part after being shocked by the UK’s homeless crisis. He says: “Once you slip beneath the radar, it’s so hard to regain a foothold and so easy to find yourself living rough and becoming another anonymous casualty sleeping on the streets. It’s a massive modern problem and one we can’t just step over and ignore. That is why we’re supporting Crisis, to try and highlight the issue through music and try and raise awareness about the situation”.

McGee, the music mogul who formed Creation Records and manages bands including Black Grape and The Jesus & Mary Chain, sees giving young bands a chance to gig as being just as important as the cause.

He says: “Due to the eternal gentrification of big cities we are losing music venues all over the country, especially in London. Without these venues what chance will new bands, especially working class bands, ever have of gaining the oxygen of experience and learning to refine their craft? Inner city redevelopment is killing the next generation of musicians, and very soon the working class artists will be written out of the narrative of rock n roll music. Hopefully this project will give a lot of new bands a chance to play and to exist in a place where they can all shine on.”

To apply to play, manage or host an event in your local area contact or via Facebook on

Musicians Against Homelessness takes place at Leeds 02 Academy on 18th September. For tickets click here