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Are we a bus? The inside story of life on the road Part 4

Don’t mix your drinks. Don’t mix with him. It will kill you one day. Good advice. Sound advice. –          Elbow                   After a few gigs, we go out on the lash because the next day’s a day off. One of the…

Cover my eyes!!! The worst album covers EVER

In case you missed it earlier this week Prince announced the release of a brand new single titled ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ and the artwork is a corker! You can listen to it and check out the cover for yourselves here….

Oak On The Road: Episode 1 – WATCH NOW

Welcome to the first of our video blogs, featuring da main man Oak! Oak is Tinie Tempah’s keyboard player and all round super super nice chap. Oak loves the Gigslutz ethos and has kindly agreed to do a fortnightly vlog whilt he’s…