Catfish & The Bottlemen share new video for ‘Hourglass’ featuring Ewan McGregor – WATCH

Catfish And The Bottlemen have unveiled their new video for their latest single ‘Hourglass’. Scroll down to check it out.

The six-minute video stars Ewan McGregor after lead singer Van McCann headhunted the actor sending a number of tweets and posting a video on Transmitter called 10 Reasons Why I Love Ewan McGregor!

McCann said: “Working with Sir Ewan was one of the funnest things I think I’ll ever get to do. He’s the most interesting and interested guy I’ve ever met. He’s just fucking brilliant, a total gentleman. When people tell you not to meet the people you look up to, fuck that. Videos for us are hard, as we’ve got Austin Powers heads, but this was just a fucking class craic.”

‘Hourglass’ is released on June 22.